The Four Legged Family


Robert and I have three cats and a dog.  They are all the best pets anyone could ask for.  Chester is our dog.  He is a rat terrier.  We rescued him from www.kaninekids.com.  He had been abused and had even had a broken leg before he came to us.  Now, he is a wonderful dog!  When he’s inside, he’s perfect.  When he’s outside, he is a nightmare.    He really hates other dogs and is extremely protective of us when anyone comes around.

The cats are Purrl, Cosmo, and Two Toes.  Purrl was the first kitty to come home with us.  She is black and white and full of attitude.  She loves Robert.  She won’t even let me pick her up!  One of her tricks is to roll onto her back exposing her belly then when someone reaches out to pet that sweet belly she goes into kill mode.  Crazy cat!

We got Cosmo in hopes that he would keep Purrl from bitting me so much.  When we got him he was just a little squirt.  Now he is 7 years old and in kidney failure.  He seems to be doing great right now.  He get fluids under his skin every night to make up for the lack of kidney function.  Cosmo is my baby.  We have a special bond!

Two Toes was given to us by our neighbors.  They were going to just put him out on the streets because they were going to have a baby and didn’t want the cat and the baby to be together.  He is a Maine Coon.  Beautiful animal!  He is the largest of all our cats and has the tiniest meow.  It’s funny.

I’m sure there will be more about them over time.  They are a huge part of my life.



  1. Wow!!! They’re just the cutest furry kids EVER!!!!!

  2. This is the first I have seen of your cats, very nice.

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