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Must Have Been A Sale!

April 18, 2010

I spent half of yesterday, all day today and three days the weekend before last digging out monkey grass.  I’m so tired!!  My body hurts.  However, this weekend I noticed that either I’m much better at digging out the monkey grass or this monkey grass was suicidal.  It was much easier this weekend than it was two weeks ago.  And I’m a little less sore.  So maybe I’m stronger!  This weekend’s chore also included removing a mound of juniper.  I had no idea what to expect under all the leaves, needles, branches…whatever juniper is.  I was surprised to find is was sort of like a little tree.  It had a trunk!  I lopped off all the branches until it was just a 3′ tall trunk.  I dug out from under it, tugged at it with all my weight, and lopped off many of the bigger roots.  I finally got that baby out!  By the end of today I had cleared out about a 5’x5′ area and planted seeds for Chinese Lanterns, Dahlias, and English Dasiys as well as a small plant of Creeping Jenny and Blue Star Creeper. 

All the clearing and digging up of the Monkey Grass and Juniper I’ve done over the last several weeks is just a drop in the bucket.  I mean really…the people who lived here before us must have found on Heck Of A Sale on Monkey Grass and Juniper.  I HATE Monkey Grass!  Juniper isn’t too bad usually but most of it has reached the end of its natural life span and looks horrible.  I just have to keep reminding myself that if we do a little bit at a time we’ll make progress.

On another note, since we’ve been living here we’ve been very careful not to let Chester out at the same time as Peanut, the dog next door.  Chester has a reputation of not being very friendly towards other dogs.  He and Peanut are very similar in size and shape but, Peanut is all white with a pink nose and Chester has his brown spots.  Today I let Chester out and didn’t notice that Peanut was out with her mom too.  They noticed each other and were in a very scary fight before I or my neighbor could get to them.  It sounded horrible and violent but, by the time I was within about 10′ of them it was over.  They were both fine and just spent the next few minutes circling each other and sniffing.  Big time sniffing.  Then they were fine.  I’m so happy that it’s over and they both survived!!



November 19, 2009

Our dog, Chester, is an eating machine.  He seems to be able to eat any thing in any amount.  It amazes me because he’s a small dog.  He only weighs 25 lbs.  He can’t be all stomach.  There has to be room inside his skin for a heart, lungs, bones, muscles….but the things he consumes must take up space.  It’s crazy!

Things he’s eaten in the past:

A banana.  The whole thing.  The only part he left was the 1/2″ stem you use to pull back the peel.

A stocking full of Christmas candy.  Just assume wrappers are always included.

Bags of used cat litter that he’s pulled from the trash can.

Coffee grounds also from the trash can.

A large bar of 72% dark chocolate and subsequently about 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide.

A plate of “welcome to the neighborhood” cookies.

Most recently a loaf of bread.  He only left the heal.

A few of those items were accidently left out within his reach and we learned to put things away, we also got a new trash can with a tighter lid, now we are finding out that he can reach things on top of the kitchen counter.  So, now we have to push things back towards the wall so that he can’t pull stuff down.  Unbelievable!


A few videos

May 12, 2009

Today when I got home from Kroger I put away all the groceries and I was going to start some laundry when I noticed something unusual.  Two Toes had a sticker on his face.  I had to get a quick video.  He is so funny.  It was the sticker they put on the items too big for a bag.  It says, “I’ve been Krogering”.

Here is a video of me giving fluids to Cosmo.  He has to get them every night due to his kidney failure.  Its a long video.  I’m want to keep video taping this event every night until I get a good one then maybe it can help other people who have to give their pet fluids.  I remember when I first started doing it for him I would shake and cry and really freak out for an hour before hand.  It is difficult to get over the mental block of not wanting to stick my cat with a needle.  My neighbors used to come over and distract me for a while and then help me with Cosmo.  They are GREAT neighbors.  Whooo Hooo Mike and Dale!!!!



February 19, 2009

Look at my cute dog!!  He was all curled up in my spot on the bed last night.



More Mousies

January 6, 2009




Kitty Toys

January 5, 2009

I’m having so much fun making these kitty toys!!  They are really easy and the cats just love them!


These are for Sugar and Merrick.

Here is a picture of me and my “kids”!


And a bonus picture of Chester!  He is so weird.  This is him sleeping on the top couch cushion sliding on to the seat part.



Care Package for Aunt Terri

December 31, 2008

I just mailed off this package for Aunt Terri.  It contains two dish cloths and two kitty toys.  Both of the mousies are stuffed with cat nip and my cats LOVE them!