June 5, 2010

Take a look at how much everything has grown.  I can’t belive it.  I’m learning a lot about gardening.  First lesson is that squash needs its own garden box.  If it doesn’t get its own garden box it just takes over everything that sharing the box it’s in.  My jalapeno plants are completely covered by squash leaves that are the size of dinner plates.  The lettuce will soon meet the same end.  We’ve been eating the lettuce already.  It has a nice, light taste and a good crispness to it.  Tonight we will be cooking our first green beans and squash.  I can’t wait!

this is one that I grew from seed

Oh No Here Comes the Giant Squash!

Roll that beautiful bean footage!

Me with dinner!


More Garden Pics

May 4, 2010

The last two weekends have been rained out.  I’ve made no improvements in the juniper and monkey grass departments.  However, the garden has loved the rain.  Take a look at these babies!  Oh and I guess the Miracle Grow that I gave them hasn’t hurt either. 



After Two Toes mowed down all my baby tomato seedlings he only left me with three plants.  Mom killed one, Betty’s is doing just fine and the photo above is the one I kept. 

The herbs


In the big pot is lavender, top pot is lemon balm, bottom left is mint and bottom right is the basil I grew from seeds. 

Tomato and Green Pepper


I mulched around the tomato plants with newspaper and pine straw.  Then I put these metal thing-ys over them.  They came with the house and I think that is what they’re for.  However, I don’t know if I have the put on upside down or not.  Hahaha! 

green beans


Lettuce still tiny not even upgraded to small status


Squash and Marigolds


Garden view


Flowers on Tomato Plant!


Now on to the front yard and the flower garden. 



Wildly successful roses that I can take NO credit for.  In fact, when we moved in I tried to kill them by cutting them to the ground.  I thought that once they died off I’d dig them up.  I didn’t wanna take care of roses.  They don’t need me! 






April 24, 2010

Little mice

These are two little mice I made.  The blue one is Cindy’s birthday gift.  OK….on to the garden!

Robert built this awesome garden box for me!

The two plants in front are green peppers and the four in the back are tomato.  These are the only plants I purchased.

Green bean sprouts


Behind the squash at the back of the box in this photo there are some jalapeno.  Some I started inside and they are already sprouted and other I did directly into the box a week or so later and no signs of them yet.  But hopefully, this will keep us in jalapeno for a longer period of time.  That orange pot on the corner contains four or five little marigolds.

tiniest signs of lettuce

The Green Beans again

Photo with my foot...for scale hahaha

Watermelon sprout

Watermelons need A LOT of room to grow so I started them from seeds in the house and then planted them around the yard.  Not in the garden box.

Area cleaned out last weekend

I didn’t think to take a before photo so this next one will give you an idea of what it looked like before I dug out all the juniper and monkey grass.

Example of what I dug out

front view of house

Before I cleaned out that area you really couldn’t see the front of the house at all…much less that pretty stone border!

stone border w/Blue Star Creeper

This weekend I was planning to do the first round of fertilizer on everything but, its supposed to be storming all weekend.  I guess I’ll do some indoor chores and more yard work next weekend.  Bummer!


Must Have Been A Sale!

April 18, 2010

I spent half of yesterday, all day today and three days the weekend before last digging out monkey grass.  I’m so tired!!  My body hurts.  However, this weekend I noticed that either I’m much better at digging out the monkey grass or this monkey grass was suicidal.  It was much easier this weekend than it was two weeks ago.  And I’m a little less sore.  So maybe I’m stronger!  This weekend’s chore also included removing a mound of juniper.  I had no idea what to expect under all the leaves, needles, branches…whatever juniper is.  I was surprised to find is was sort of like a little tree.  It had a trunk!  I lopped off all the branches until it was just a 3′ tall trunk.  I dug out from under it, tugged at it with all my weight, and lopped off many of the bigger roots.  I finally got that baby out!  By the end of today I had cleared out about a 5’x5′ area and planted seeds for Chinese Lanterns, Dahlias, and English Dasiys as well as a small plant of Creeping Jenny and Blue Star Creeper. 

All the clearing and digging up of the Monkey Grass and Juniper I’ve done over the last several weeks is just a drop in the bucket.  I mean really…the people who lived here before us must have found on Heck Of A Sale on Monkey Grass and Juniper.  I HATE Monkey Grass!  Juniper isn’t too bad usually but most of it has reached the end of its natural life span and looks horrible.  I just have to keep reminding myself that if we do a little bit at a time we’ll make progress.

On another note, since we’ve been living here we’ve been very careful not to let Chester out at the same time as Peanut, the dog next door.  Chester has a reputation of not being very friendly towards other dogs.  He and Peanut are very similar in size and shape but, Peanut is all white with a pink nose and Chester has his brown spots.  Today I let Chester out and didn’t notice that Peanut was out with her mom too.  They noticed each other and were in a very scary fight before I or my neighbor could get to them.  It sounded horrible and violent but, by the time I was within about 10′ of them it was over.  They were both fine and just spent the next few minutes circling each other and sniffing.  Big time sniffing.  Then they were fine.  I’m so happy that it’s over and they both survived!!


My New Garden

April 17, 2010

Robert built a huge raised garden box for me.  It is 4′ x 10′ and over a foot deep.  He filled it with a mix of sand, soil, and manure.  It took two truck loads of dirt to fill it up!  Last weekend I planted four tomato plants, and two green pepper plants on one side and seed rows of lettuce, cilantro, green beans and, jalapeno peppers on the other side.  Meanwhile, in the house we had already started the seeds of squash, basil, watermelon, marigolds and more jalapeno.  The squash sprouts went into the big bed about mid-week, the basil will be planted in a container on the porch and the watermelon will be scattered around the yard because they take up too much room to go in the bed.  I also planted seeds of Morning Glories in a container near the front porch on the same day that the squash sprouts went into the ground.  Every morning and every evening I go out and check on the progress. 

This morning is exactly 7 days from when the bulk of the planting got done.  The four tomato plants and two green pepper plants that I purchased look strong and happy.  I think I can see the first sprouts of lettuce starting to come up.  The squash babies that started from seeds in the house and were planted in the bed look really strong and already have a new set of leaves.  The Morning Glories are sprouting!

Previously, when I started the seeds inside for the watermelon, squash… I also had done tomato plants from seeds.  I had about 20 1.5 to 2″ tomato seedings and Two Toes, the cat, ate all but three of them.  I was so angry.  Of the three he left me with one is in a container on the porch near the basil and the other two will go to Cindy and Mom.  Cindy and mom are also each getting some squash babies and watermelon babies.  I had so many seedlings I was also able to give some to my friend Jennifer and my friend Darren.

I really wish I had taken Robert’s advice and started a journal from day one to track all this.  I’ll try to just start from here.   Well, I better get out there…I have watermelon seedings to plant!


Traveling With Pomegranates

March 4, 2010

I went to the library to get The Endurance on CD.  It is a book my dad had recommended about an expedition to the South Pole which turns into a story of how the ship’s crew survived disaster.  I have been totally consumed with wanting to read and discuss survival stories since I finished “reading” Deep Survival.  I was disappointed to find that the library had lost the CDs.  So, I picked out the next best thing that I could find and checked it out begrudgingly.  I needed something to listen to in the car.  The CD I chose was Traveling With Pomegranates by Sue Monk Kidd and Anne Kidd Taylor.  I had read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd a couple of years ago and remembered thinking I liked her style.  Traveling With Pomegranates is the story of mother and daughter traveling through, Greece and France together.  During their travels they both struggle with different aspects of their lives.  They alternate chapters back and forth.  I was so grateful to have gotten it on CD instead of in book form.  It was read by the authors themselves!  I was inspired by the struggles that each woman was experiencing and how they were able to cope through each other and their own inner therapists.  They have caused me to look a little deeper into my life.  I hadn’t realized that I was living without contemplation.

I’ve asked both my mom and my sister to read the book.  Amber wants the book version because she carpools to and from work and would not want to force her carpool partner to “read” anything.  So, I ordered it online and can’t wait for it to arrive.  I feel like I want to write something inside the front cover for her.  I don’t know what yet.

I’m going to the library tonight to renew the CD version and I’ll take that to my mom. 

I really hope they will enjoy the book as much as I did.  I know there is the chance that they will both not finish the book and wonder what in the world I thought they would like about it.  We are all such different girls with different tastes. 

Of course, right after I had pulled out of the library parking lot and headed down the road towards home the librarian called me to say that she had found the misplaced CD of The Endurance.  I almost turned around to trade back Traveling With Pomegranates.  How lucky that I was lazy and ended up “reading” such a wonderful book!


Little Mouse

February 24, 2010

Latest creation!  Very cute.  I have no idea why I made it or what to do with it.  But…it’s cute!  Right now it is sitting in a teacup in my kitchen.