War is Not the Answer

June 16, 2011

I’m so tired of seeing these bumper stickers.  War is Not the Answer.  Doesn’t it depend on the question?  What’s for dinner? War is Not the Answer.  How do you tell the male from the female blue bird?  War is Not the Answer.  How do you respond when terrorist kill thousands of your citizens?  Well, War MAY BE the Answer.

Another reason I’m sick of seeing these useless bumper stickers is that they don’t offer any alternatives.  If you disagree with one answer you could venture a suggestion. I guess the alternative suggestion bumper stickers would sound too insane.  Just try this one on for size:  Hug a Terrorist.  Or how about this one:  Sit Down to Tea with a Terrorist.  Or:  Roll Over and Play Dead.   It is so easy to just be a naysayer.  It’s much more challenging to be a problem solver.  When I see one of those bumper stickers on a car I know what type of person drives it…  A naysayer.  I’m so happy and thankful to live in a country with a wonderful military full of problem solvers!



  1. This is a good example of overgeneralizing. Whether or not war is the answer depends on the context, as you explained so well. If the alternative to war is loss of freedom (subjugation), tyranny or slavery then war IS the answer. Anti-war activists are glittering jewels of colossal ignorance (to quote Rush). If they had their way we would be paying homage (and taxes) to an English monarch or to a German kaiser or slavery might still be legal here.

  2. That’s the problem tho, the people who say that war is not the answer DONT have any other answers. They spend all their time focusing all their energy on protesting and bashing every president who has ever sent troops to another country to fight for the freedom that we are so lucky to have…that they didn’t even have time to put any thought into what they are actually protesting; our freedom!

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