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War is Not the Answer

June 16, 2011

I’m so tired of seeing these bumper stickers.  War is Not the Answer.  Doesn’t it depend on the question?  What’s for dinner? War is Not the Answer.  How do you tell the male from the female blue bird?  War is Not the Answer.  How do you respond when terrorist kill thousands of your citizens?  Well, War MAY BE the Answer.

Another reason I’m sick of seeing these useless bumper stickers is that they don’t offer any alternatives.  If you disagree with one answer you could venture a suggestion. I guess the alternative suggestion bumper stickers would sound too insane.  Just try this one on for size:  Hug a Terrorist.  Or how about this one:  Sit Down to Tea with a Terrorist.  Or:  Roll Over and Play Dead.   It is so easy to just be a naysayer.  It’s much more challenging to be a problem solver.  When I see one of those bumper stickers on a car I know what type of person drives it…  A naysayer.  I’m so happy and thankful to live in a country with a wonderful military full of problem solvers!


Responsibility = Happiness?

June 8, 2011

Could it be that having responsibilities leads you to happiness?  I was thinking about this because my sister said something to me about a memory she had of us from 1995 and, I couldn’t help but think back to that time in my life.  I was 16 and the livin’ was easy!  I had very few concerns on a daily basis and next to no responsibilities.  I had to help clean up around the house and make sure I was making good grades but, that was about it.  I was really happy.  I had a great time being a teen!  I thought to myself, “wouldn’t it be great to have no responsibilities again?  wouldn’t it be wonderful if I was taken care of and had nothing to be concerned over?”  Then I thought of all my current responsibilities:

Improve performance at work everyday

Pay all my bills

Keep my house clean and maintained

Maintain my car

Feed, care for, and clean up after my pets

Being a loving and supportive wife to my husband

Renew the car tags and my driver’s license

Spend time with my family and friends to continue to build the bonds

Maintain my health by visiting the doctor and dentist

Prepare the tax returns

Watch over and adjust our retirement investing

Those are just the major headings.  Each of those items I listed has its own subgroups as well.  Some of those responsibilities require more time and effort than others.  Some I enjoy and some are a chore.  What I find amazing is that I’m so happy.  I think that each of those responsibilities comes with such great reward that I am only more and more satisfied with my life.  What a wonderful revelation to have especially when I was just feeling so overwhelmed recently.

In addition to my sister bring on this thought process and blog, my cousin, Ryan, also contributed.  He posted on his Facebook page multiple times since we’ve been “friends” about his boredom.  He came to mind immediately as a contrast to my happiness.  I hope that one day he’ll figure this out.  It seems to me that he needs some responsibilities.  However, I know this is something no one will ever be able to tell him.  He is a young man and cannot fathom wanting things to be responsible for or the rewards that go along with it.