Why I Love McDonald’s

May 9, 2011

Many people who know me know that I too often eat fast food.  McDonald’s is my favorite.  Although, I really like Arby’s too.  It’s a close second.  I really enjoy a roast beef sandwich with Arby’s sauce and horsey sauce on it.  I also get curly fries and a jamoca shake.  I usually spend about $5 to eat at Arby’s.  However, I LOVE McDonald’s!  My love for McDonald’s is about more than just the food.  I truly appreciate so much about what they provide their customers.  Here is a list of some of the wonders of McDonald’s.

They are everywhere.  Any town I visit has one.  I never have to drive any more than about 3 or 5 miles to find a McDonald’s from pretty much anywhere I find myself.

The food is always the same.  I can rely on the cheeseburger being the same at the McDonald’s near my home and at the McDonald’s near my work.  I can order anything on the menu and I know what to expect.

I know what to expect.  That means I’m never disappointed with my meal.  I never leave too full or too hungry.  I know exactly what to order that fits my mood and craving.

The sweet tea.  It comes in a huge cup and it’s only $1.

They are quick.  These people have burger making down to a science.  It doesn’t matter if I drive through or walk up it never takes more than a minute or two to order and then receive my meal.

It’s American.  McDonald’s is someone’s American dream built from nothing into something!

It’s cheap.  I usually get a double cheeseburger, sweet tea and small fries.  That delicious meal, which fills me up, costs me about $3.

I’m Lovin it!



  1. If Morgan Spurlock were dead, he’d be rolling in his grave! 😀

    • Well maybe he never got the apples instead of fries!

  2. Well said, you know what you like and appreciate the company that can give it to you.

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