What I Hate About Office Depot

August 19, 2010

This topic could lead to a long blog post and I only have about 5 minutes so, I’ll just keep it to the  top three things I hate about Office Depot.

1. The quality of the bags they use at the check out counter leaves so much to be desired.  They are the thinnest of thin plastic.  Then the cashiers will put two and three reams of paper in one.  The bag falls apart completely before I can even reach the car.  The bags are completely useless.

2. The employees there have WAY better things to do.  They have zero interest in making the store a pleasant place to be or assisting customers in any way.  I feel like I’m a HUGE inconvenience to them.

3. There is always trash in the parking lot.  Without fail there is some form of garbage littering the lot.  I can count at least 4 times that its been bones of eaten chicken wings.  People sit out there and clean out their cars into the parking spaces.  Disgusting!



  1. Amen on your second point. Last year I went to Office Depot to buy some common software but it was not on the shelf. There was no more than 3 or 4 customers in the whole store so I asked the checkout gal who assured me they have lots in their back room. She asked another employee, who was passing by, to get one and bring it up to the counter. He indicated he was very busy but would get to it as soon as possible. After 5 minutes I inquired again then 10 minutes again etc. till finally I told the checkout gal I was leaving to buy it somewhere else. She tried to convince me it would be right out but I left anyway.
    I complained via email to their customer service web site and they sent me an apology with a $25 coupon. I used the coupon to buy some needed ink so I was satisfied but I will not shop there unless I cannot find what I need elsewhere.

  2. On item number 1, understand. But now that everyone is trying to make the planet a greener place, I would take in your own bags. You know the ones…they sell at checkout counters for about a dollar, and are plenty strong and hold a lot of stuff. Keep 1 or 2 in your car.

  3. When you know the bag is thin and could break ask for double bagging. Check-out at Walmart is sensitive to this and will double bag without asking.

    I have witnessed both good and indifferent employes but they did not ruin my day.

    God is doing his share of cleaning the lots nearby. We have had heavy rains and good winds that push everything around and much of it goes down the drains.

  4. You know when I was reading your comments I was thinking, “oh, that’s a great idea! I have some of those bags…I’ll just keep them in my car.” and “Yes, I shouldn’t let those employees’ attitudes affect my day!” But really, why is it always me and God having to do all the work? (hahaha) What ever happened to good customer service. That store should be catering to my needs.
    Oh, and Papa, That is just one of the reasons why Walmart is better than Office Depot. At Office Depot, when I ask for double bags I get looked at like I have three eyes! Maybe my next blog will be Why I Love Walmart!

  5. When Daniel worked there I do not believe the lot was this dirty. We miss Daniel.

    On Item two…..yes, they think they do.

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