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What I Hate About Office Depot

August 19, 2010

This topic could lead to a long blog post and I only have about 5 minutes so, I’ll just keep it to the  top three things I hate about Office Depot.

1. The quality of the bags they use at the check out counter leaves so much to be desired.  They are the thinnest of thin plastic.  Then the cashiers will put two and three reams of paper in one.  The bag falls apart completely before I can even reach the car.  The bags are completely useless.

2. The employees there have WAY better things to do.  They have zero interest in making the store a pleasant place to be or assisting customers in any way.  I feel like I’m a HUGE inconvenience to them.

3. There is always trash in the parking lot.  Without fail there is some form of garbage littering the lot.  I can count at least 4 times that its been bones of eaten chicken wings.  People sit out there and clean out their cars into the parking spaces.  Disgusting!