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More Garden Pics

May 4, 2010

The last two weekends have been rained out.  I’ve made no improvements in the juniper and monkey grass departments.  However, the garden has loved the rain.  Take a look at these babies!  Oh and I guess the Miracle Grow that I gave them hasn’t hurt either. 



After Two Toes mowed down all my baby tomato seedlings he only left me with three plants.  Mom killed one, Betty’s is doing just fine and the photo above is the one I kept. 

The herbs


In the big pot is lavender, top pot is lemon balm, bottom left is mint and bottom right is the basil I grew from seeds. 

Tomato and Green Pepper


I mulched around the tomato plants with newspaper and pine straw.  Then I put these metal thing-ys over them.  They came with the house and I think that is what they’re for.  However, I don’t know if I have the put on upside down or not.  Hahaha! 

green beans


Lettuce still tiny not even upgraded to small status


Squash and Marigolds


Garden view


Flowers on Tomato Plant!


Now on to the front yard and the flower garden. 



Wildly successful roses that I can take NO credit for.  In fact, when we moved in I tried to kill them by cutting them to the ground.  I thought that once they died off I’d dig them up.  I didn’t wanna take care of roses.  They don’t need me!