April 24, 2010

Little mice

These are two little mice I made.  The blue one is Cindy’s birthday gift.  OK….on to the garden!

Robert built this awesome garden box for me!

The two plants in front are green peppers and the four in the back are tomato.  These are the only plants I purchased.

Green bean sprouts


Behind the squash at the back of the box in this photo there are some jalapeno.  Some I started inside and they are already sprouted and other I did directly into the box a week or so later and no signs of them yet.  But hopefully, this will keep us in jalapeno for a longer period of time.  That orange pot on the corner contains four or five little marigolds.

tiniest signs of lettuce

The Green Beans again

Photo with my foot...for scale hahaha

Watermelon sprout

Watermelons need A LOT of room to grow so I started them from seeds in the house and then planted them around the yard.  Not in the garden box.

Area cleaned out last weekend

I didn’t think to take a before photo so this next one will give you an idea of what it looked like before I dug out all the juniper and monkey grass.

Example of what I dug out

front view of house

Before I cleaned out that area you really couldn’t see the front of the house at all…much less that pretty stone border!

stone border w/Blue Star Creeper

This weekend I was planning to do the first round of fertilizer on everything but, its supposed to be storming all weekend.  I guess I’ll do some indoor chores and more yard work next weekend.  Bummer!


One comment

  1. As far as I know you are the only person in our family that has attempted a garden since your Great-Grandfather used to do it back in the 1980’s

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