America’s Prophet

February 7, 2010

I just finished reading America’s Prophet Moses and the American Story by Bruce Feiler.  I really enjoyed the read.  It was very well written, educational, and entertaining.  I had only ever heard the Moses story.  I have never actually given it much thought.  If someone had asked me about Moses I would only have been able to remember that he led the Israelites out of Egypt.  Maybe I would have remembered something about the plagues.  But that would have been it.  I’m surprised to learn about the extent to which that story helped shape American history.  Feiler traces the inspiration of the Moses story from the Pilgrims, the Revolution, The Civil War, Civil Rights, Superman, and on into present day.  The story has been envoked at every turning point for inspiration and justification. 

I was also surprised at the many aspects of the story.  Leadership, risk, balance between freedom and laws, teaching, and ultimately a mixture of failure and success.  I think that is why the theme is so recognizable in our history.  The story can be told a million times and emphasis be put on a different lesson each time. 

I would recommend the book to anyone who finds American history interesting because this author is able to put a new perspective on events that we’ve learned about since kindergarten.  It’s refreshing to look at history in a new way; reinvigorates a craving for learning.



  1. Welcome to that rare group that can be said to be truly educated.

    • So, what’s next? what to read next??

  2. How about the new book out, “A Patriot’s History of the United States.”

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