November 19, 2009

Our dog, Chester, is an eating machine.  He seems to be able to eat any thing in any amount.  It amazes me because he’s a small dog.  He only weighs 25 lbs.  He can’t be all stomach.  There has to be room inside his skin for a heart, lungs, bones, muscles….but the things he consumes must take up space.  It’s crazy!

Things he’s eaten in the past:

A banana.  The whole thing.  The only part he left was the 1/2″ stem you use to pull back the peel.

A stocking full of Christmas candy.  Just assume wrappers are always included.

Bags of used cat litter that he’s pulled from the trash can.

Coffee grounds also from the trash can.

A large bar of 72% dark chocolate and subsequently about 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide.

A plate of “welcome to the neighborhood” cookies.

Most recently a loaf of bread.  He only left the heal.

A few of those items were accidently left out within his reach and we learned to put things away, we also got a new trash can with a tighter lid, now we are finding out that he can reach things on top of the kitchen counter.  So, now we have to push things back towards the wall so that he can’t pull stuff down.  Unbelievable!



  1. But what a sweet dog he is. Full of mischief.

  2. Dont forget, used q-tips, and he ate a whole tube of chapstick, and not a bite mark on the tube.

    • Hahaha! I don’t know how I forgot those! It was actually Bert’s Bees not Chapstick. Weird little dog!

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