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August 19, 2009

Ok , so I understand that no one wants to visit my blog and just see “Peepers” anymore.  Robert and I recently moved out of our condo and into my parent’s house.  Everything we own is in boxes in the basement.  That includes my camera.  I generally like to post on the blog when I’ve finished a new project and post the pictures.  However, in this case I will just write  a quick summary so that I don’t forget what to post photos of once my camera is unpacked. 

I’ve made two more hats very similar to the ones I made for myself and for my mom with the big flower on the side.  I think they’ll be Christmas gifts…In fact, one was made for Cindy in particular.

I made my first pair of booties (Grandma Rosie Style).  It was not easy.  I first made them with the ridges.  Meaning one set of three doubles on the front posts and one set of three doubles on the  back posts all the way around.  But, that looked really funny with the fluffy yarn I was using so, I tore them up and started over.  Then, I made them WAY too long so, I tore them up and started over.  So, when the pictures are posted they will really be of the third pair of booties I made with that same yarn.

I made a couple of little birds too.  The pattern came from a magazine and they turned out really cute.  The first one(Blue) I made every stitch like the pattern suggested and he did turn out cute but, I wanted the next one to be a bit fatter.   The second one (Red) I added a few rounds with increases right around the belly to give him more chub.  The red one is definitely my favorite.  I think they’ll be Christmas gifts too.  I already have the right people in mind!

I’m currently working on my most challenging project yet.  A Monkey.  The monkey will be about 18″ tall when she’s finished.  I’ve completed the face, the arms and the ears so far.  Head, body and legs to go….  I foresee the assembly to be the most difficult part.

In the meantime, Aunt Cheryl has been so kind as to agree to help Robert and I find a house.  So far so good.  We have an agreement on one house that will be a contract by tomorrow.  The house is in Henry County which is very close to Aunt Cheryl, Grandma, Amber, and my parents.  It will also be closer to Robert’s parents too!  The house sits on a corner lot and is almost two acres.  There is a white fence all of the way around the front yard so it looks like a place where you might see horses or goats roaming.  I’ve already started telling my friends that they are welcome to start calling me Little Joe and the part for Hop Sing is still open.  Any volunteers?  In the back yard, which is also fenced in, there is a pool!  We know we can not afford to maintain a pool now but, in the future that is something we do want so, we’ll have it covered for a while.  There is also a detached two car garage on the property, a huge front porch and brick grill area!  The house itself is a three bedroom 2.5bathroom with an eat in kitchen, separate dining room, and fireplace.  Originally the house had an attached two car garage but, the previous owners converted it to bonus space in the house.  I think that is where Robert will have his weight room, bike workshop, and “man room”.  As a foreclosure, the house does have some items on the to do list.  We’ve noticed a place in the roof that looks like storm damage, the downstairs A/C unit doesn’t seem to be working and the kitchen will need some painting.  We will have to find some great deals because the list of things to buy for the house is huge and growing all the time.  Currently, we’re at:

Pool cover, riding lawn mower and push lawn mower, refridgerater, washing machine and dryer, new locks for the doors, and probably an A/C unit.

Thankfully, the house had already gotten brand new carpet, paint, stove, and dishwasher!

That was a lot of information.  Please keep your fingers crossed for us that all goes well with this house.