Teddy Bear

May 14, 2009

Here is my latest project.  He isn’t finished yet but, this way you get to see the work in progress.  He is the biggest project I’ve done yet.  He stands about 12″ tall.   I filled his body with polyester pellets so he is heavier than you would expect.  I still have to make one arm and attach them to his body.  Also he is going to have a scarf or ribbon around his neck.  So far the most difficult part has been attaching his eyes.  They are safety eyes designed so that a child wouldn’t be able pull them off and choke on them.  You can see the picture below.  It is basically a screw with a washer that snaps on the back.  Robert had to invent a tool to get the washer on.  They are really tight and not going anywhere!   Finished photos will be posted soon.  Also, I am entertaining suggestions for his name.

Picture 040

Picture 044

Picture 041



  1. Tracy, he is really cute and I’m am proud of you for making him. Looks like you are having fun doing this kind of craft.

    How bout Jack, cause he’s black.

    • So glad you think he’s cute! I like Jack. That’s short and sweet. 🙂

  2. Good job. My suggestions:
    1 – Peepers
    2 – Bearable

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