My room

February 12, 2009



This is a picture of the other side of my room.  The person taking the picture is standing next to the dresser that is being redone.  As you can see, it’s a blank slate.  The walls and carpet are neutral and the other dresser is very light yellow with a sage green boarder around each drawer front.  It has the distressed look.  The bedding is like a cocoa color but I change it often.  In fact, right now it is a cream colored duvet with a dark olive green throw and pillow. 

I think that means I can do whatever I want to the dresser.  Then I can decorate the rest of my room around it.  All the colors I’m drawn to are bright and cheery.  I like aqua or spa blue and spring green.  I think I may paint it one of those colors and then do some kind of designed stencil in white.  I think the look I like is cottage/shabby chic.  I am open to suggestions.


One comment

  1. That bedroom has a cute look, your color scheme sounds good, I too love sage green. I like the white overtones you are thinking of, but I would probably outline it in black. It would go with the wrought iron look of the bed, and also go with the color of the walls and carpet. Good luck! Decorating is fun isn’t it? It’s in my blood.


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