The Dresser

February 10, 2009

Here are some photos of the dresser about half way through the process of getting all the paint stripped off.


As you can see I finished stripping all the drawer faces and both sides.  I only just started on the top.  I covered it with a sheet because I didn’t have time to finish the job and I didn’t want any curious kitties sampling the residual paint.  The process is sort of fun.  I took the dresser outside and sprayed it down with the stripper chemical.  I just had to let it stand for about 5 minutes before I could actually see the paint start to bubble up.  I then took a plastic scrapping tool and went to work.  The many layers of paint came off in big, sloppy globs.  Cool!  It is nice that now the drawers open and shut much easier!

In these pictures you can see the different color samples that I’m considering.  I feel some pressure to make it match my other furniture or my bedding or something.  I won’t be able to paint it for a while though.  No rush.


One comment

  1. Your Grandmother is using my computer. She drove down today and will be staying for a while, she wants to know what color your other furniture is, and what are the predominent colors in the room.

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