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Care Package for Aunt Terri

December 31, 2008

I just mailed off this package for Aunt Terri.  It contains two dish cloths and two kitty toys.  Both of the mousies are stuffed with cat nip and my cats LOVE them!




Christmas Stuff

December 29, 2008

Chester got some really great gifts this Christmas.  His grandparents gave him a huge bone, and a yellow squeeky toy that he loves.  Robert and I gave him a new rubber chicken to replace the one he loved into three pieces.  His neighbors, Mike, Dale, Rosie, Sydney, and Buddy gave him two squeeky toys.  Here is a photo of him with his favorite of the two.


I decided to give as many hand made gifts as possible this year.  In previous posts there are picutres of some of those gifts.  The spa baskets went to Robert’s mom and sister. 


Then the spa face cloths went to Jackie and Andrea. 


I also made this hat for Robert’s dad.