Another Baby Blanket

April 13, 2008

Our cousins, Jessica and David, are going to have a baby at the end of May.  It’s a Girl!!!  This blanket is the gift they are getting from Robert and I.  It’s special because before my Mema died she started this blanket and I’ve picked up where she left off. 

The project was difficult because I didn’t know what type of yarn she started with.  So , when it was time to purchase the second skien I just had to guess.  Of course, I didn’t pick the same yarn she did.  So, I then had two sections of the blanket that didn’t quite match each other.  Oh well, I then decided that I would buy one more skien to finish it off.  Did you think that maybe this time I was sure to pick out a yarn that was the same as at least one of the completed two sections?  Wrong!  The third skien is different too!  Actually, it looks really similar to the one Mema started with so, it doesn’t look bad.  I’m surprised at how nice is really does look now.  Good shape, good texture!  I hope Jessica and the new little girl will like it. 

I’ll have to let them know that it’s ok to wash in the washing machine on the gentle cycle and ok to put in the dryer.  I don’t want them to think it’s as delicate as it looks.  It can stand up to some basic baby use.  I really hope you guys all like it!!!!



  1. You know, it may not be so bad that you had 3 different yarns in that blanket. It kind of looks deliberate, and as a bonus, you have ensured that no one else in the world will have one just like it. 🙂

  2. Pretty! I agree with tickleslordchaos – since all three skeins were different colors it will look fine. Looks very cuddly for a little baby!

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