Hair documents

March 12, 2008

hair-do-004.jpgSo, Here is a picture of me with my current hair-do.  On Satuday, I’m getting it all chopped off.  I’m going to do the pixie cut!  I’ve wanted to do this for years and have never had the courage.  I’m also going very blonde.  I’ll be going to mariemariesalon.com check it out!  Any advice?



  1. Take before and after pics to inspire the rest of us thinking about a summer cut. I’m tired of my ponytail and bangs in my face.

  2. Of course, there will be before and after pictures!! That’s half the fun. I know what you mean about the bangs in your face. That’s why you see the little clip in my hair! More pics to follow.

  3. I think you look so cute! You have a beautiful shaped face for the pixie cut. Very elegant.

  4. Ah! I absolutely love your pixie cut! you are very brave! i have a big nose too, and it frustrates me to no end! i have long hair right now, but its summer and i think change sounds nice! ive been researching what would look good with a long nose and i kept reading ‘dont do a pixie cut’, but i love them so much! your pictures make me think that i can do it too! im going to talk to a stylist, but thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

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