Any Improvement?

January 30, 2008

Not Much!  This time I listed two thimbles.  I still didn’t put an amount in the reserve because I like the idea of the market deciding the value.  I added $3.00 to the shipping cost to cover my time and travel to the post office.  This time each thimble sold for only $.99!  Dang it!  So, the shipping was $7.60 including my handling fee plus the $.99 equals $8.59 each for a total of $17.18.  Then the actual postage was $4.78 and PayPal took $1.10 and Ebay took $1.37 leaving me with a profit of $9.93.  So, I guess you could call that a little progress.

One of the buyers wrote me an email and mentioned that she couldn’t understand why the shipping was so high on such a small item.  Maybe the key is to be as honest as possible about the shipping and put an amount as the reserve.  😦  I would like to make at least $5 off of each thimble.  Before I give up and sell the whole box at once I think I’ll give it one more shot.  I’ll list two more with a minimum bid of $5 each and offer to combine the shipping.  If I don’t see any further improvement I’m selling the whole darn box full of thimbles.  It’ll be like a treasure chest for a thimble collector out there.  That idea sort of reminds me of those little grab bags I used to beg my mom for at Hello Kitty.  You could get a small bag of suprise items for a dollar or the big bag for $5.  Remember that? 


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